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In which we people watched at The London


As you know, I went to California with the girls to have a fun weekend.  Did I have a fun weekend? For the most part I did but there were some bumps in the road.  But, let me tell you about the pool at The London on Saturday.


When Andie and I got to The London on Thursday, the restaurant on the roof was closed for a private event that evening.  On Friday, part of the pool area (which is also on the roof) was blocked off for a private event that evening.  I suppose I should have realized that private events on the rooftop of this hotel were quite common but I didn’t really give it much thought.


On Saturday, the plan was to lay out by the pool with the girls. I wasn’t excited about this because I personally already have a pool in North Carolina and even though it’s been monsoon season, I already have a tan.


But … Keely hasn’t been by the pool in forever so it seemed like the way to go.  I went upstairs to work out and they told me to be there by 10:30 to get seats so around 10:30 or so, Andie and I went upstairs to get 3 lounge chairs.


Apparently, there was to be a wedding on the roof that evening so the entire restaurant area was closed and moved to the pool deck.  This meant that the deck would already be crowded as now there were about 10 lunch tables with umbrellas set up.


In addition, an entire corner of the deck was closed off for a “private party.”  I was already a bit annoyed because as a hotel guest, I don’t think I should have to be crowded like sardines on this deck just because they’re a party hot spot ya know?


So, by 11:00 Keely was there and we’re hanging out and the place is getting jammed.  The party in the corner shows up and seriously, I thought they were shooting a beer commercial.  There were all these “bro-like” guys who looked all muscular and stuff and they’re doing all their “bro-hugs” and there’s all these chicks who look like models; all skinny with perfect hair and shit (yes, at a POOL party) and they’re all hugging and being pretty dicky.


Meanwhile, next to us a bunch of girls (normal looking but cute) showed up and the pool staff is being all-nice to them because there are NO CHAIRS left.  Nonetheless, they got this corner bench and the staff bought some lawn chairs to them and they’re all hanging out and seemed to know each other.  They were definitely getting special treatment.


After a while, another girl shows up and I say to Keely:


Me:                  isn’t that Nina Dobrev? (from Vampire Diaries)


Keely:             ummm… maybe


And then she talks to them all and yes, it’s definitely Nina Dobrev.


Keely:             I think the one next to me might be LC


Me:                  who?


Keely:             you know, LC from “The Hills”


Me:                  no, it’s definitely not


(Isn’t that sad that I actually know who the people from “the Hills” are? I’ve definitely been hanging with my daughters too much)


Then one of the girls says “did you see all those douche guys over there in the corner?” which is hilarious because that’s exactly what I was thinking.  At least these little starlets were all nice and normal.


Also, on the other side of Andie is a threesome sitting at lunch name-dropping left and right.  For example, I was sitting at the table and one of the girls who WOULD NOT SHUT UP says to her friend:


Fake girl:        so I was at this wedding and “you know Les Moonves right?”


(… to the girl next to her who nods.  Hahaha…he’s the head of CBS.  I’m sure everybody in that town knows who he is. Hell, even I knew who he was)


Fake girl:        so anyways, his wife walks up to me DRIPPING IN DIAMONDS and say’s, “honey, I love your bracelet” so you know what I say?


(I didn’t know and apparently neither did her friend)


Fake girl:        I said, sixty bucks from Macy’s


And then they all laugh like they’ve taught this woman a lesson even though this girl was blinged out in a Rolex and shit.  Then they proceeded to talk about country clubs, vaginas and the douches in the corner (yes, I did say vaginas.  Don’t ask).


All in all, as people watching goes it was hilarious even though the stupid fucking pool party people had loud techno music playing the entire time so you couldn’t hear yourself think.  Andie had to leave because the entire situation was giving her a headache.


And by the way? The chick next to Keely was Julianne Hough.  How’s that for LA life?



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  1. Jester Queen
    August 1, 2013

    I’d have gone nuts if the pool was useless because they actually rented part of it out, especially to dicks. If they are that popular, why not build a fucking addition or buy the building next door for their ‘events’

    • Lynn
      August 1, 2013

      i agree…it was really crowded

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