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In which we continued through Arkansas through Oklahoma


Oh my god you guys.  I’m using Keely’s computer and I’m so bad at using laptops it’s ridiculous.  It’s literally taking me twice as long.  So, because I thought about it and recounting my entire journey will probably drive you all nuts, I’m going to try to stick to the highlights.

Day 2 started out with me waking Keely up abruptly because these major storm warnings were coming in and I wanted to get west before the storm came up from the South.  It was flurrying and freezing and they were warning of freezing rain and let me tell you, having 28 hours to go with shitty conditions wasn’t something I was looking forward to.

As we began driving, it started snowing and we entered Arkansas with snow, lots of cops and 6 wrecks in 1 mile.  No, we didn’t wreck but other people were wiping out all over the place.  I can’t really say much about Arkansas except it was cold as hell and we were woefully unprepared for the weather.  One highlight was that there was a place called “Toad Suck” which I gleefully wrote down in my notes.  I’m sure there was a lot of other bullshit going down but it really seems to long ago at this point.  We stopped for lunch and Chili’s and it was frakking freezing in there and we dubbed it the “Chilly Chili’s.”  I guess that after shit weather you get kind of stupid and silly.

We decided to push it this day so we drove all the way to Oklahoma City where we once again froze our asses off.  For some reason, I figured I should just pack for California and it never dawned on me that I’d be driving the entire way across the country.  Ironically enough, now that I’m actually in California it’s supposed to be warmer and I don’t have enough light-weight clothes.  Obviously, I should have put some more thought into this packing thing.


Comments on Day 2:

Not a huge fan of roadtrips.

Not a huge fan of driving.

Not moving to Tennessee

… or Arkansas

… or Oklahoma

There are a LOT of cops on the road

Keely is right and Black CRV’s are invisible

Keely made us a kick ass playlist

Drinking a lot of water means a lot of pit stops

Therefore we passed one guy 3 times


Went to Chili’s again for dinner

Not because we wanted to

But because there were literally no other good choices

It was much warmer

Well, warmer than the “Chilly Chili’s”

So basically, there’s much more to say but I don’t wanna right now

see ya


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