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In which we tried to depart



I’m on the plane and we’re sitting here on the runway awaiting takeoff.  I’m probably not supposed to have my electronic device on but the pilot just came on the loudspeaker and announced that we aren’t allowed to takeoff before 8:00 AM on a Sunday morning.  Apparently there’s a curfew which is fine but it does tend to make you wonder why in the world we have a 7:45 AM flight. **


Speaking of 7:45 flights I am traveling with my friend Ann, of Chicks, Chat and Change heading back home from the Mom 2.0 Summit held at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Nigel.  We had planned for the taxi ride to the airport to take an hour and it actually only took 15 minutes thus getting us to the airport at 5:45 for the 7:45 flight which really should be an 8:00 flight since we are apparently not allowed to leave because of the curfew. Isn’t that stupid?


The point is that we got to the airport ridiculously early.  Ann was bound and determined to show me the “illustration” collection that they apparently have in the Santa Ana Airport so EVEN though we walked through security and our gate was right there, she made us start walking to the other end of the terminal where she thought the collection was.


So we walked and we walked and we walked and no collection.  Finally she said, maybe we should turn around which was perfect since my sock had slipped into my sneaker (yeah I really dress up to travel) and I needed to take my shoe off.  Since we still had an hour and a half we decided to have breakfast in the diner that was nearby.


After a delightful breakfast of coffee and oatmeal we realized that SHIT our flight was boarding and we were still miles away from our gate and how ridiculous would that be to miss a flight that we had been two hours early for?


So we raced to the gate where Ann informed me that “I feel guilty telling you this but I’ve been upgraded to First Class for this segment” which cracked me up since its a 50 minute flight and we have almost spent that much time on the runway waiting to be allowed to leave.


So what’s my point?? I don’t have a fucking point.  I was just telling you about how much I’ve already enjoyed my day.  I decided to have loads of coffee because being really sleepy all day is the only way I’ll actually sleep tonight so now I’m tired and wired and I have to pee.


Ok, this iPad is driving me up the frakking wall so I’m going to obey the pilot and turn it off down.  See ya


** thank god we were first for takeoff because there was 3 planes behind us and we could have been fourth for take off.  Good grief!!

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One Comment

  1. Theresa
    May 17, 2013

    I could go on and on about noise abatement at John Wayne Airport, but I won’t bore you… Just think of the song from long ago…
    You pay paradise…they put up a parking lot…
    The question is, which came first…the pricey real estate or the airport? You have to have the 7:45 departure time to get in line faster to take off. Seeeeee….boring!
    But I for one am glad you were here, and glad I met you. And now that you left, you should see how planes have to take off from that airport for the noise abatement….puts the space shuttle to shame.

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