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In which we watched Nashville


Kevin and I like to watch TV together to relax. We always watch the shows together so when he has to go out of town, like this week, we get way behind. Because he was gone for much of the week, we decided NOT to go out on Saturday and just chill and stay in and catch up.


We like to watch all types of programs but one of the fun “soapy” programs we like to watch is Nashville. It’s a silly show but it’s fun because the characters do all sorts of crazy things and even though neither of us are country music fans we like the music.


So last night we were watching Nashville and they had a fake CMA’s (Country Music Awards) going on and Kevin and were talking:


Me:      if I were Raina I would not forgive Luke for that comment


Kevin: and that would have been a good time for Avery to really support Juliette


Me:      yeah, I think that the long slow burn has really paid off


Kevin: they always take Juliette down and I think it’s time that she had something good happen


And then I realized: hey, we’re talking about Nashville here and I started cracking up.


Kevin:             what’s so funny?


Me:                  we’re having this passionate discussion about Nashville … like the characters aren’t even real and we’re discussing their lives and motivations


Kevin:             yeah, that is pretty funny


Me:                  we’re so intense like we’re discussing “world hunger” or something


And then Kevin spent the rest of the night (because after Nashville we had to watch The 100) saying to me, “hey, we’re not solving world hunger here” and that’s how we spend our spare time!!



Thank god Kevin is really a teen-age girl and we can watch this stuff. We’ve recently started The Gilmore Girls (thanks to Andie) and he’s addicted!!!



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