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In which we watching the HD Channel

UverseHey, I can’t help it but apparently a lot of my blog posts this summer are going to be about Andie and myself.  It’s not my fault; she won’t leave me alone. I’m perfectly capable of entertaining myself for hours at a time but yesterday; two things wrecked Andie’s ability to do the same.
First, she’s in the middle of this book series and she went to Barnes & Noble and they didn’t have Book #3 so she ordered it and the delivery was between 1 and 3 days and today is day 3 and we still don’t have a book.  I told her to start another book but she doesn’t like to do that so there’s NO READING going on.


Second, it’s been gray and cloudy outside so she can’t go by the pool so instead she’s inside disrupting my routine and making me play a long running Ms. Pacman tournament (that will be a different post) and yesterday, we hit a new low (or high I suppose … depends how you look at it) on wasting time.
We have AT&T Uverse and at the beginning of each of the separate 100’s is a channel devoted to whatever.  The 1800’s are the movie channels like HBO, CINEMAX, STARZ, Showtime etc., etc., etc.


Channel 1800 isn’t a real channel and is basically some sort of pretty test channel (I guess) that runs little half hour programs.  Yesterday, we were flipping channels and hit 1800 and the program was “Pacific Northwest” which consisted of High Definition Pictures and film of the Pacific Northwest.  The first picture was some stream in Oregon and we were oohing and ahhing over how pretty it was and then it shifted to a picture of something in Washington.  We remarked on that one and then another Washington one came up. As we continued to watch:


Me:                  hmmmm…. that’s 3 Washington Pictures in a row, I bet the next one is Oregon

Andie:             I’ll take that bet


And so we watched and guess what? It was Washington again!


Andie:             you lost

Me:                  I wonder if there were a bunch of Oregon ones before we started watching

Andie:             look how pretty that is

Me:                  that’s Mt. Rainer

Andie:             it’s still pretty

Me:                  yeah, look at that picture of Seattle


And then they had a shot panning over Seattle.


Andie:             we should go to the Pacific Northwest

Me:                  I’ve never been there

Andie:             it looks really pretty


And then we watched all these pictures of Glacier Lake, Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainer and waterfalls and flowers and trees and Portland and Seattle.


Me:                  It would be awesome to have a huge mountain in the background of your city

Andie:             I agree…and look at the reflection in the lake!

Me:                  we should get a mountain that we can see from our house

Andie:             yes, with a reflecting lake

Me:                  how will we manage that?

Andie:             I’m not sure

Me:                  lets figure that out for our summer project


And then we were contemplating how to move a gorgeous mountain like Mt. Rainer to just outside the pasture in front of us


Me:                  what’s on next?

Andie:             Butterflies!


And so then we watched high definition TV of butterflies for an hour.  They were gorgeous.


Andie:             did you know that it takes 4 cycles of butterflies for them to migrate up to the north?

Me:                  actually, I didn’t know that

Andie:             it’s true.  They’re genetically programmed to migrate once they’re born

Me:                  you know more obscure facts that anyone I know.  How do you know that?

Andie:             I looked it up one time

Me:                  like you were just sitting there one day and Googled butterfly migration patterns?

Andie:             yeah, I can look it up and read it to you


And then she did … so Andie distracts me and yet, it’s a learning experience.


After the butterflies we started watching “Castles of Europe” but I couldn’t take it anymore even though they were awesome.


When Kevin came home he asked what we did that day and I explained to Kevin that Andie and I spent 1½ hours watching nothing but High Definition pictures and he was indeed impressed with how we can waste our time.  Aren’t you???


NOTE TO READER: right this very minute Andie is in here critiquing this blog post and telling me I’m wrong and this blog sucks.  This is my life!

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  1. Julie
    June 11, 2013

    The one on Australia is amazing too. I keep the HD channel on when I’m scrolling through the movie’s.

  2. Marilynn
    June 11, 2013

    I can waste time like that, too. I live in Washington state and look out on one of the beautiful volcanoes, Mt Baker, that are in Washington. They’re beautiful until they blow up (Mt St. Helens, 1980) then they’re awesome!

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