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In which we went the 9/11 Memorial


ugh…Andie is the worst and she’s leaning against me really, really badly so if I can’t type then you know who to blame.

By the way, we are up in Maine. You see, I left New York City and met Andie at Laguardia and we came up here. Andie needs to spend her time studying but I’m just chillin’.

I was going to tell you about the World Trade Center Memorial. We were staying down at the battery already so we had gone by to look at the reflecting pools on Friday when we were out walking. I had seen pictures of them but seeing them in person was really powerful. They drain down and you can’t see the bottom and I think they really give you the feeling of emptiness and loss that you would expect.


On Saturday, we had tickets to the museum of 11:30 AM and we didn’t make it out of there until 3:00. What was interesting was that even though we lived through that day and watched TV endlessly there was a lot to learn that I didn’t know.

The museum actually began with a film of how that day changed the world and it featured George Bush, Tony Blair, Condeleeza Rice and the President of Pakistan who’s name I can’t remember. I could Google it but theres no need. Although I’m not a big Bush fan I must say that his reaction and speeches after 9/11 were his crowning achievement. What is interesting is that the interviews were taped in 2010 and 2011 before the rise of ISIS and they seemed to think that the vacuum that was created after the incredibly stupid Iraq war was great and that the people would rise up and created democracies everywhere.

I know hindsight is 20/20 but how naive was that? Anyways from there we went down because the Museum is actually under the plaza.

Things that were interesting:

the artifacts
the timeline was my favorite … it really made you see how everything unfolded
Seeing the smashed trucks in person … what a scene
Seeing the mangled steel beams made you realize the force
Hearing the voice mails that were left … hard to imagine
the 911 calls
reading the transcripts
listening to survivors accounts
reading the quotes from some of the witnesses
watching the reenactments
listening to people then knowing what happened afterwards
seeing the individual portraits of the victims


so many things in fact that I think everyone should go to the museum.

Some things were especially poignant. For example, there was a room on the flight that crashed into Pennsylvania and you could read the exact transcript of what air traffic control could hear. It gave you a sense of the desperation and courage of those passengers.

There was a small section that was about the people who jumped from the burning floors. I’m sure the people above thought the fire would be put out but those people chose jumping rather then burning. Some witnesses said they thought “they should watch out of respect of the choice those people made” which was down right haunting.

One area I found interesting was a wall that was made up of almost 3000 watercolor panels that were painted by artists. It was there rendering of the color blue that the sky was that day and there were many different shades.


All in all it was an amazing, yet unsettling, visit and I would urge everyone to go although you should plan an entire day because just the museum took us 3 1/2 hours.

I’m up in Maine now and it’s cool and foggy. Have a great day

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  1. Ro
    August 26, 2015

    Enjoy Maine. I did when I was there.

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