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In which we went to the Moose store

Well guys, I’m in Vermont and as you can imagine a LOT of fun and exciting things have occurred. I shall attempt to let you know.

We got here on Wednesday and we took a later flight then usual. Therefore, the normal panic over lunch at my in-laws became moot as we decided to stop on the way from Albany to Shaftsbury. After passing through Troy, New York you basically run out of options as we soon found. For some reason, Kevin and I were convinced there was a Panera but we were wrong.

As we were considering where to stop (because as it turns out Allison had NO luncheon meats and was convinced we’d starve to death if we didn’t stop) I remembered this strange little store that we had been passing for the past 25 years.

Me:   I think theres that store that has food

Kevin:   oh yeah, where was that?

Me:    wasn’t it in that town Hoosick? or Whatsick?

Kevin:   it’s called Hoosick

Me:      but how funny would it be if there was a Whatsick as the next town?

Kevin:    that’s pretty stupid

Me:    unless you drove in the other direction i suppose

Kevin:   what are you talking about?

Me:    then it would be Whatsick and Hoosick and that’s just ass backwards.

and then we kept going and eventually we came to this:

The Big Moose Deli and Country Store


yeah, see all those carvings and stuff? We have passed that forever but never stopped but we were hungry.

First, there were these bears; aren’t they cool?


We ordered a sandwich and looked around and i found this sign:


There were all sorts of jams and jellies and pies (we bought one … it wasn’t great) …

and this fish mailbox which i was dying for because I figured my neighborhood association would die:


and then i wanted a shirt but didn’t find one i wanted.

and what about this hot dog?


isn’t it great? We don’t have hot dogs like that at home.

So that was my journey up here. Stay tuned for my visit to the dump.

You’re’ welcome

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