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In which we went to Vermont

You guys! Sorry I haven’t written but as you might remember I just went up to Vermont. Well I hope you remember but of course, that assumes that I mentioned I was going up there. I’m too lazy to check. Anyways, I went to Vermont.


So we left Greensboro where it was freezing (which is anything below 30 but it was actually in the 20’s and getting down to the teens) and went to where it was more freezing. I wasn’t thrilled about that but it just turned out that the weekend was available for Kevin and myself.


AND KEELY! That’s right folks, even though Keely is always having medical issues she happens to be on hiatus and she hasn’t seen her grandparents in years and we thought she should meet us up there.


Only problem was that we couldn’t get her to the east coast in time for when our flight arrived but we solved that problem. How did we solve that problem you may wonder? Are you wondering???


We flew her in Wednesday to Boston and then she would take a puddle jumper on Cape Air up to Albany on Thursday. Sounds crazy right? Especially with all the Boston crap going on but she has a great friend (shout out Katie!!) up there that she wanted to see so it all worked out perfectly.


Good news! Even though it was snowing it did work out perfectly. Keely was in awe of all the Boston snow and although her flight, which seated 6, was incredibly bumpy and she was ill she made it to Albany before we did.


We then had lunch and drove to Vermont in the snow. Kevin tailgated and I totally bitched at him the whole time.


Then we finally made it to his parent’s house and this is how much snow there was. LOOK! That’s a lot of snow for me to see.


Then Kevin threw me in a snow bank. Yeah, this happened:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 2.40.42 PM

He basically sucks and I divorced him on the spot. No I didn’t; divorce him that is but he does suck. Just because every time he opened the car door to get in I shut it he threw me in the snow bank.


To be fair nobody, including me, expected it to end up such a fiasco. He couldn’t stop laughing. I was in shock with snow up my sleeve and down my neck and basically freezing and sopping and that my friends, is how our trip started!


Intrigued???? You should be. Then we went into town to go shopping because my in-laws couldn’t get out in the snow. We laughed and laughed and laughed because … you know, Keely and Kevin and I are hilarious.


Best part: You know how some towns have festivals and everyone paints a lobster or lion or in Bennington a Moose? Well a few years ago they painted all these Moose’s (Meese?) for charity and now they’re scattered all over the town. There was one on the roof of this building and I pointed it out and said “look, there’s a moose on the roof” and Keely said, “is it alive?” so yeah, we laughed.




End of post

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  1. Tammy Barker
    March 1, 2015

    LMAO!!! Hope you got him back!

    • Lynn
      March 2, 2015

      I haven’t but i will

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