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In which we were Tokyo Drifting


Well, well, well I suppose that I’m quite the slacker. After all, I did promise to get back to you about the trip but I haven’t.


You know why??


Shockingly enough, its because I’ve been quite busy. You see, I’m working on a new website for my art! That’s right. I’m going to have my own site and its going to be called but don’t go there yet because it’s not ready.


Don’t worry; I’m not quitting this site QUITE yet.


So where was I? Oh that’s right, I told you about the lost luggage and that was certainly an annoying way to begin the vacation but it seems as if it rained the entire time here on the east coast so at least we missed that.


Actually, there are frequent showers in the Dominican Republic but they’re quite fast and over pretty rapidly.


Let me tell you about the highlight of the trip, which was the golf carts.


Since we were on a pretty big resort we got two golf carts. There were six of us and the carts seat 4 so two seemed like a good idea. In fact, they were a great idea because of RACING!!!


The first night we went to dinner I drove one cart and Andie drove one cart. It seems as if the second cart had no headlights so Kevin drove that one on the way back. The thing is that I had the 3 girls and Kevin just had Daniel. The plan was for Kevin to follow me because I had headlights and it was quite dark but because he’s a moron he passed me.


GAME ON!!! At that point we floored it (meaning we go maybe 6 miles an hour) and then we raced and cut each other off and then Kevin cut across the golf course and raced to the back of the house. I went around the front of the house, sent Andie running inside and DANIEL GOT LOCKED OUT IN THE BACK so the gals won.


Boy was that fun. The problem was, of course, Keely. You see she was getting all jacked up in the back and with her hip and the speed bumps (yeah, I refused to slow down for them) it was a bit hard on her.


That’s why I always made sure she was in the front after that. One night it actually poured and we had a dinner reservation and had to make a run for it. (Well actually a ride I suppose)


We were going so fast around a corner and hit such a puddle that we were sliding!!
It was so fun. I told Andie we were Tokyo Drifting but her and Kathleen were almost falling out of the cart so I’m not sure they enjoyed it as much.


I also won the last race because I decided that worrying about speed bumps were for pussies (and I suppose for the people who actually own the carts.)


I totally enjoyed the carts and I highly recommend cart racing.


New career huh??

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  1. Ro
    January 6, 2016

    I needed that laugh first thing this morning. Please don’t stop the blog. I know the art is important but so is making people laugh about life.

    • Lynn
      January 6, 2016

      thanks…I’m not quitting, I’m just being a crap blogger. See the difference?????

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