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In which you don’t know me

Lost and Confused Signpost

OK guys…I KNOW I just got back from ESPN and I have some posts but when I got home ANDIE MacDONALD was demanding attention so I couldn’t set them up.  Therefore, I’ll start telling about my trip tomorrow.  So, here’s a post that I wrote last week.  See ya!

The other day I was at the gym and I had a conversation with an acquaintance that I hadn’t seen in quite some time.  As you might guess, if you go to the same gym and the same class at the same time you end up developing relationships with other people who are doing the same thing.


Of course, you only see a certain side of these people because after all, you’re working out therefore you’re probably in a certain type of mindset.  For me, although I work out every single day I can’t say that I really enjoy working out.  Rather, it’s a checklist item that I try to do everyday.  This way, I’ve already successfully done one positive thing early on in each day.


Many times, it’s the only decent thing I do all day.  The point is, I’m never very serious at the gym.  I’m always the one muttering comments or making fun of people or generally just bitching and moaning.  In fact, I think I’m pretty funny at the gym.


So, this woman who I hadn’t seen in months said that my name had come up in a conversation she had the other day.  I was somewhat surprised and asked about it.  She was working out with a mutual friend and somehow the topic of the “book” I started about Daniel came up. (Remember that? I was writing a book.  Still pending.)


This mutual friend had explained that I was attempting to write a book (attempting is the word here folks) about Daniel; his diagnosis, his process, his intervention and the astonishing results we had.  Of course, I haven’t been working on the book since all this “Keely” stuff began but it is something I plan on getting back to.


This woman said, “I was surprised to hear all that about you.  I didn’t know you had such a serious side.”  I laughed and told her “everybody is more than you can see.”


My public persona is mostly as a goofball.  I joke around and make fun of people, including myself.  Even when I work on a project and I do a good job, I’m not one for bragging.  First of all, I don’t really like braggarts and second of all, the last thing I wasn’t people to know is that I’m competent.  If they knew that, I’d be asked to do even more projects.


But mostly, I’m a fairly private person.  I have this blog and I tell stories, most of them funny.  I have no problem admitting my faults like bulimia or bi-polar mood swings.  I can bitch and moan about my kids and their problems but I usually don’t really talk about anything I can excel at.


It’s why I find it funny that people assume they “know” me just because I have a blog.  Yeah, you know an aspect of me, maybe even more than one but I’m actually pretty moody and you never know all of me.


I guess the point is that we never really know anybody when we just see him or her in one situation and one place.  You see how they are in that setting.  To really know somebody you’d have to see him or her in happiness and adversity, at work and at play.  With their family and alone and when they’re up and when they’re down.


I certainly think I’ve shared a lot with my readers because I never feel like I have anything to hide.  The thing is that I’m actually a loner and because when I’m alone and in that mood I tend to not share myself, you’ll probably never see that side of me and trust me, it’s a big damn side.


Once again, I find myself meandering off topic but I guess that’s just another side of me.


Hope all is well.



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  1. Susan from GA
    December 18, 2012

    Truer words were never spoken. Even if the person is the biggest extrovert around….you only see a “dimension” of his/her true self from your perspective. What’s that saying….(.VERY paraphrased)…”Everyone is in some sort of struggle…so be nice to people.” I know I have massacred the quote….but I hope the wisdom remains. We all have an inner conversation going on (well, I HOPE “we ALL” or I’m the crazy one!) inside of our head that no one hears…..Peace to you and your’s.

    • Lynn
      December 18, 2012

      thanks…i appreciate it and have a great holiday season

  2. Sisters from Another Mister
    December 18, 2012

    I kinda like all of your sides, even the bossier, motherly one that tells me how it is ;)
    Sisters from Another Mister recently posted..Sisterhood or The Sister’s Hood – finally, a first postMy Profile

    • Lynn
      December 18, 2012

      not that you ever listen though

  3. Katja
    December 19, 2012

    You are so right on when you say that you only know certain aspects of people. I found out that the same is true for family. I thought my brother was in a happy marriage and next thing I know he is moving out of the house and in with a 25-year old co-worker. That was a real shocker for me!!!

    • Lynn
      December 19, 2012

      yeah…happened to me too … I was shocked as well

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