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In which you should just ask


I was just driving home from the gym and I was listening to the radio.  I usually just do that because I discovered that when I listen to my phone on Bluetooth it destroys my battery life.  Therefore, especially when I’m just driving around town, I listen to either satellite radio or the regular radio.




Anyways, today they had a little dating segment called “Love lost and found” and the other day I was listening to Ryan Seacrest and he had “Ryan’s Rose’s” on.  Both of these segments are to “help” people having romance troubles.


On Ryan’s Roses people who have doubts about whether their significant others are being faithful have Ryan’s show call and offer a free dozen roses.  IF the roses are sent to others then they have their answer.


On this lost and found segment a guy who really liked a girl but felt he was “too shy” on their date had the radio station call up and see what she thought.


It makes me wonder how any of us got together before all this crap.  Back in the day (love that expression) you simply had to gauge how your date went.  You had to use real telephones, yes I’m talking LANDLINES, to call people and actually put your heart on the line once in a while.


I don’t think this is a bad thing.  That way people actually got to know each other before falling in love (or lust as it were).  Because I lived in NYC and Kevin lived in New Jersey we would talk on the phone.  That’s unheard of now but because we had to actually have conversations for long periods of time and every date wasn’t OUT somewhere with alcohol and stuff I feel like we understood each other more.


I’m not saying that some of these “segments” aren’t interesting; I’m just saying where did peoples gut feelings go?  Why don’t people actually talk rather than just texting and tweeting and other stuff?


Wouldn’t it be easier just to discuss shit rather than guess what the other person is thinking? I think it would and it’s my blog so I’m entitled to my opinion.


So next time you have a question why don’t you just ask the other person?

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  1. Name *
    March 12, 2014

    Some people lie! I went with my gut feeling telling me he was up to no good and he was. He still lied and denied etc. I had proof…so what does that tell you? Some people are delusional, the liars in particular.

    Gut instinct is a strong thing. Just go with your gut! My gut has always been right!

    • Lynn
      March 12, 2014

      I’m sorry that happened but glad you trust your feelings!!

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