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In which you should NEVER Google

Hey everyone. I wish I could say that I was going to write about something interesting but you know me better than that don’t ya? I mean, when’s the last time that something interesting happened to me?


It’s been a nice weekend in the sense that I haven’t been freezing my ass off. Of course, when you’re from North Carolina that’s pretty much anything under 40 degrees.


In other news, rather than buying a new dog feeder since my dog is too weak to bend down to the floor without wiping out (his legs start sliding and he collapses) I invented a new dog feeder with JUST SOME TRAYS!!! Yeah, I know I’m incredible.


Have you guys been listening to SERIAL? It’s the podcast that’s about a case. It’s pretty compelling and might I say addictive? You should try it.


Also, I saw The Theory of Everything last night and it was about Stephen Hawking. It started out pretty interesting but I got a bit bored by the end because it was less about the science than about the marriage AND after Googling a bunch of stuff I found out that it wasn’t entirely accurate. That always bugs me. I don’t know why I bother to use Google because then I’m never happy with what I find.


Classic case: Bobby Jean by Bruce Springsteen


I always loved that song and I used to sit around and speculate whether Bruce used to be pals with a girl and then they lost touch and whether he always wondered what happened to her. I mean, that makes sense because my generation was before email and Facebook and all that and we all lost touch with our friends. I often wonder myself what it would have been like to keep in touch.


Anyhow, a few years ago after about the millionth conversation about the song I Googled it and you know what I found out?




The speculation is that it was about Bruce and Steven Van Zandt, yeah the guy who was in his band and on The Sopranos. It totally ruined the song for me. I can’t even enjoy it anymore.


So sometimes you’re better off not knowing. Fact is: Ignorance IS BLISS!!!


There you go. Have a great day.

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