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In which Zoltar is real


Wednesday dawned bright and sunny and we had a great day.  First, I was in the gym working out when Keely called me and said she would be driving by the gym window (it looks out on Sunset) so that was pretty funny that I saw her driving to work.  Well, maybe it wasn’t funny to you but it amused me (it takes so little to amuse me.) She had asked if Daniel and I wanted to go see Leno so I looked it up and Jerry Seinfeld and Mark Cuban were guests so I answered with a resounding HELL YEAH!!!


Her roomie Mallory got us the tickets and since this was Daniels first time ever on the west coast I tool him on a great explore (that’s Pooh lingo by the way.) We drove down Sunset and drove all these random streets in Beverly Hills so he could see life when you live behind gates.  We continued through Westwood and finally came out to the Pacific Coast Highway where it  was freezing and foggy.  We drove down to the Santa Monica Pier and parked and walked the pier.


First we saw the “bubba gump” restaurant.  This reminded us of the time that we were on vacation in the Bahamas and Daniel was 13 and met some boys that he played with the whole week.  As we were leaving we discovered that the boys dad wrote Forrest Gump.  I threw their phone number away years ago although ironically, he would have been a great connection for Keely if I had kept in touch with them.  Oh well.

Dump Truck

Anyway, then there were kiddie rides and I made Daniel climb into the dump truck so I could take a picture because when he was little he loved dump trucks.  Finally there, right I front of us was Zoltar which is the machine from BIG! What? I didn’t realize that was a real thing.  We laughed and I had to take a picture but when we got close the machine scared the crap out of me by speaking out loud and asking if I wanted to make a wish! No, I actually have no desire to be big but it was funny.


So we left that place and went to the 3rd street promenade (very touristy), had a great lunch at Bernie’s Beanery and then headed to Burbank for The Tonight Show.  We went to guest services and finally got in.  There was a really funny warm up guy who threw out prizes but none to us because Daniel wouldn’t make a fool of himself which apparently wasn’t an issue for many other people.


Here’s what cracks me up.  During every commercial break the band would play to keep the audience riled up and these two women were dancing their asses off. I think their goal was to get Leno’s attention or maybe to get on TV but I was so obvious.  NOTE: I hate stupid people.

Tonight Show

Leno was quite funny.  I don’t really watch his show but his monologue was good but his guest was Jerry Seinfeld! We love Seinfeld and he did a standup and he was awesome.  Then together, they were also quite funny.  Jerry (yeah, we’re on a first name basis) has a new show where he has coffee with comedians and has stupid conversations.  Im totally down for this and even Tweeted him although sadly, he did’t reply.


After that, Mark Cuban came out and basically talked shit about Donald Trump which is fine by me because Trump is an ass. There, I said it!


All in all, it was a terrific show and I only had two beefs.  One, it was subarctic in there and I was freezing and two, they wouldn’t let me walk back through the lot to my car so I had to take a 1 1/2 mile detour to retrieve my car.  That was annoying as hell and if you’re a VIP and required to check in at one end of the lot instead of the other shouldn’t they let you back to your car??  Right????


Dinner that night was with Keely and her friends Mallory and Michelle. It was Michelle’s birthday and the restaurant was great although after 3 bottles of wine I can’t really comment on the dinner except to say, poor Daniel who was too young to have a drink.


So that it!!! Day two was a great success.  More later!!!

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  1. Julie
    March 20, 2013

    What fun! Going to see Ellen is on my bucket list.

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