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Keely’s short ode to Dragon Con

Keely’s short Ode to Dragon*Con:


Dear Dragon*Con, hi there. This is one of your newest and most enthusiastic fans speaking. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, what with my never having been to a Comicon-type of event, having just gotten off crutches, and still being on some blood thinners, but rest assured that I was anything but disappointed. While there was a fair share of bruises and bumping along the way, and I saw more scandalous costumes than in my entire four years at college combined, I figured I had better express my gratitude. So here we go. Thank you:


– To the people who showed me that I can still get excited about dressing up in an awesome costume even now that I’ve graduated college. Hurray!


– To the people who made the badges, because they were shiny and cute and I thought that they really complemented my going-out attire.


– To brown-bag BYOBing, because it brought me back to high school.


– To the free backpack in one of our panels – I wore it around all night on Friday!


– To the wonderful and sweet BSG (Battlestar Galactica) Lee/Kara fangirls for being inviting, hilarious, and encouraging. Generally whenever Kathleen and I talk about BSG and that shipping in general, we are sitting alone in a corner at a party playing a drinking game by ourselves. I was relieved to see we were all on the same level of understanding the tragic awesomeness that I can’t seem, or want, to shake. You guys rock.


– To handicap services for allowing me to be the world’s biggest stalker by helping me sit in the front row. And also for basically saving my leg – without you, I think it would probably have been so broken that I’d get another 3 months on crutches (and it’s always exciting when I can avoid that!). Thanks for being so accommodating!


– To Ian Somerhalder for giving me a hug. I started shaking with adrenalin. Please don’t think I’m a freak?


– To Katee Sackhoff for being so sweet when we went to get signed autographs in the Hall of Fame. You are beautiful and hilarious and I want to be you. Except I’d definitely break an arm wearing any of those shoes you rocked…


– To James Callis for giving my mom a hug when she introduced herself. And for being so nice when Kathleen admitted she loved you in line for coffee or something. And also for being hilarious on the panels (basically died from laughing when you said, “Talk amongst yourselves” at one point). You should do sitcoms!


– To Jamie Bamber for allowing us to harass you at the bar on Friday night. Sorry my mom lectured you about not having read “The Phantom Tollbooth.” And I’m still trying to decide if I’m sorry that we repeatedly thanked you and told you that you basically completed my life after my first operation because I was obsessed with you on BSG. And sorry for being creepy now.


– To Michael Trucco especially, for also allowing us to harass you at the bar on Friday night. Thanks for being a good sport when Kathleen spilled her drink on your chair! And thanks for being a total sweetheart about being on our future TV show. And thanks for personalizing my autograph and putting Xs and Os and writing “Frak yeah!” and having a great smile. And thanks for recognizing us when we were in the front row that one time. And thanks for tweeting my mom back and liking her business card! Is it weird that I keep telling my friends how cool you were? Whoops.


– To my sister Andie for keeping me entertained with her jealousy texts. The all-caps was a little intense, and I was hoping you wouldn’t actually kill yourself, but it was hilarious.


– To having the name Dragon*Con because dragons are obviously the coolest animals ever. Well, they’re tied with cats. Cat-like dragons are the best (i.e. Go now and immediately watch “How To Train Your Dragon”)…


– To everyone who told me I look 17 – this is a premature thank-you because this weekend I felt a little affronted but I bet in ten years I’ll be like, “Gee, thanx gurl.” I’ll cash those compliments in then.


– To my friends who received a billion texts from me every time I had to freak out about something. Sorry not sorry for spazzing too much?


-To Kathleen, who is an incredible friend and has fabulous taste in fiction. Without you, I would never have even watched BSG, and we would not have gone to Dragon*Con, gone out way too hard, assaulted Jamie Bamber and Michael Trucco, spilled a drink on Michael’s chair, ordered them both drinks without leaving your name on it (you’re such a good Samaritan!), died in a typical college fashion on Saturday, laughed about pretty much everything, had a super intense facebook wall-to-wall about how we should best stalk celebrities, or changed the words of a Britney Spears song from “On My Radar” to “On My Dradis.” I love you and don’t care who frakkin’ knoooows.


– To my mom, for taking me to Dragon*Con. Sorry I kept you up super late every night. Sorry (sort of) that I lectured you when you wouldn’t stop talking to Katee and Jamie. Sorry you snored (mostly for my own sake because then I had to sleep with a pillow over my head). Thanks for treating me to numerous meals, drinks, and autographs all weekend long. Thanks for being cool enough to meet the “No Take-Backs” Livejournal community, because they rock. Thanks for worrying about my medical issues when I was too busy ignoring them. Thanks for partaking in the crazy facebooking that Kathleen and I had going on. Finally, thanks for being the best mom ever.


Finally, thank YOU, Dragon*Con, for existing and allowing totally normal not obsessive people such as myself (hahhh jokes) get together and have a super fun time. You made a ton of my dreams come true on Friday night alone, and it basically got better and better from there.


Squeeeeeee!, Keels

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  1. scifishipper
    September 6, 2012

    YOU ROCK, KEELY! <3<3<3<3

  2. Kathleen
    September 6, 2012

    This is the best thing

  3. Jester Queen
    September 6, 2012

    Your Mom should totally let you guest more often. You are as hilarious as she is.

  4. FFW
    September 6, 2012

    I love Keely, especially for recognizing that she will one day love the compliment that she looks 17. It took me quite a while to appreciate being and looking the youngest. But now, moments before my entire body turns 40, I have enjoyed every moment of wishing my friends HBD. And will continue to enjoy it, in 5 years, ten years, and probably 15 years, until there’s a discount involved.

    • Lynn
      September 7, 2012

      I know right???

  5. Emily Woodhouse
    September 7, 2012

    We love you Keely!
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