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In which we could not park


It’s Wednesday morning and I’m sitting in the restaurant at The Renaissance, the hotel I’m staying at.  I had hoped to be typing this post up on Andie’s computer but she took it with her so once again I’m attempting a post on my iPad.

As you know, I always have troubles with this so it’s likely that the entire post will be garbled.
Yesterday, I drove down to Durham to pick Andie up as we were beginning (and hopefully ending) our journey at the Raleigh-Durham airport.  Somewhere along the way, I received a call from Delta (not always ready when you are) saying our flight was delayed by an hour or so.

Seeing as we had extra time, we were in no rush to get to the airport.  When we arrived we went into the parking garage:

Me: I hate this parking garage

Andie: why?

Me: it’s always so hard to find spaces

Andie: I just go to the top level

Me: not me. Look there’s “available parking” on level one.

Andie: don’t do it

Me: I’m doing it

(And I got off the circular ramp and started looking for a space.)

Andie: you should go left, it’s crowded to the right

Me: I’m going right

Andie: isn’t this the hourly parking area?

Me: ummm

Andie: are you sure you went into daily and not hourly lot?

(So I checked my ticket and it definitely said daily.)

Me: yes

Andie: where are you going?

Me: over here

Andie: pretty sure that’s a very crowded and hourly area

Me: it’s fine

Andie: I see no spaces

Me: nor do I

Andie: here’s a ramp. Go down here

Me: I need to get back in the main garage

Andie: there’s no spaces here either

Me: man I miss the good old Keely handicapped parking days

Andie: you’re spoiled.  Where are we?

Me: not sure but we better go back up.

Andie: can you go back the way you came?

Me: no. It says DO NOT ENTER

Andie: good thing we have lots of time

Me: yeah. I’m going here to get back in the garage

Andie: I told you to park on the higher levels

Me: where’s that circular ramp?

Andie: you’ve totally screwed up

Me: shut up

Andie: ummm…mom

Me: what?

Andie: I believe you just exited the parking lot

Me: shit

By now we are both laughing hysterically. I was approaching the paying area.

Me: this is fucked up

Andie: OMG! I gotta text dad. He will crack up.

Me: oh, there’s a lane that says Assistance!

So we went to that lane and I had to explain that I just spent 25 minutes driving through the parking lot and now I was exiting but I still needed to park.  The lady let me through, took my ticket and pointed out the way BACK to the garage.

Andie: so mom, maybe you should park on a higher level

Me: shut up Andie

So there you have it! My first adventure of the trip and it was all in the RDU parking garage.

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  1. Julie
    February 7, 2013

    The only “blessing” with my fucked up foot is my handicapped placcard. I love that little beauty. And yes, I am spoiled.

  2. Cara Lyn Erickson
    February 7, 2013

    Hahaha. Hilarious. You describe the scene well.

  3. Punky Coletta
    February 7, 2013

    So funny! I have gotten lost in parking garages before, but nothing as crazy as this sounds!
    Punky Coletta recently posted..How to Get Your Mother off Your BackMy Profile

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