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W(h)ine with Lynn two!!!


Written last Thursday…so THERE!


So last night was the second W(h)ine with Lynn.  I had invited more people than the first time and I actually had a pretty good RSVP response using Paperless Posts (this worked out so much easier for me).


As it turned out only about half of those who said they WERE attending actually did attend so I guess it worked out to about 25%, which is absolutely fine, but I just need to figure it out to tell the bar.


At any rate, we had a great time and everybody agreed that it was a fantastic thing to have once a month so I guess, it’s ON!!!


This month, there was only an overlap of 3 people so there were completely different people than last month.  I have decided to expand the list since it’s working out so well so the goal is to have 25-30 people a month.  That way we can fill the entire back room and both the wine bar and I can be happy.


Other than the obligatory “how’s your kids?” conversation we talked about everything from sports to high school to menopause!!! It sure is a funny conversation to have while drinking but it was funny to hear people’s stories.


Not only have I expanded the list but I actually ran into some people who were at the wine bar and they wanted to come to so I can see where it could become an incredibly random mixture of people which is all good too!


I had beer last night though. Strangely enough, the wine bar (1618 Wine Lounge to be exact) not only has a huge wine list but they have an extensive beer list as well.  Oh, and there’s also mixed drinks to it’s a fantastic place to meet.


What you really end up with is a party that you’re hosting that you don’t have to clean up for, don’t have any overhead for, don’t have to provide drinks for and has all different types of food which you don’t have to pay for.


I can’t believe I didn’t start this concept earlier.  Actually, one woman did remind me that I’ve been talking about it for a year but I’m really glad that I went ahead and organized it.  The only pain in the ass is tracking down email addresses but people have helped with that.


So I’m having fun although people get the invitation and go “what the hell is Lynn MacDonald up to now?”


One of them thought I was going to do a “stand up” routine … hahaha.


So that’s what I’ve been up to.  You should organize one of these yourselves because it’s loads of fun.

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One Comment

  1. Laurie Regal
    March 10, 2014

    I heard you had a get together at the wine bar and I would love to be on your list! Norm and I go there quite a bit and really enjoy the drinks, food and energy.
    Good for you organizing this!
    Thanks Lynn!

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