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Xmas Letter 1997

Well, after swearing that I never would, I have joined the ranks of the Christmas Letter Families. This year has had many ups and downs and it has been so nuts that I never got around to my Christmas card and now there is no time to get it done!! So, you’ll just have to deal with this!! By the way, this is Lynn writing this letter which should account for the complete and total lack of grammar.

We’ll start with the bad news. After a long illness, my mom died in January. Needless to say, this was a lousy way to start the year. However, life goes on and we are all going about our business as usual. What business is that, you say? Well, it’s true that I don’t work (Kevin thinks I’m unemployable) but as a chauffeur I can challenge any one of you. I’m pretty busy with school (my kids), art (my own) and various and sundry volunteer type activities (usually under duress).

Kevin is still attempting to play basketball in a very competetive manner. Recently, when asked when he would be too old to play ball, he replied “about 5 years ago”. There you have it. Other than that, he goes to work and does whatever men do at work which in my opinion is sit around and chat about how easy there wives have it but don’t get me started on that.

My kids are alive and functioning to some small degree. Keely continues her mothers clutziness (spelling?) and has managed to break her arm 4 times, 3 during this year alone. Many orthopedic practices in Greensboro are bidding for our family but we continue to stick with the one who is our good friend and lets me page him anywhere in the U.S. Other than that, Keely is swimming (can you believe that) and torturing her sister and brother in a way every 2nd grade parent can appreciate.

Andie is trying to figure out a way to become older than Keely so she can be the boss. We are still working on this. Other than that, she is as odd as always and as Kevin pointed out, a chip off the old block of ME!! I feel quite sorry for her as her life is sure to be filled with angst, however she is a great artist and quite creative.

Daniel is merrilly going through pre-school by beating all the other children up on a daily basis. While Kevin is quite proud of him, all the other mothers in town hate me. We feel sure he’ll grow up to be a great athlete. We are training him to bite off peoples ears so he can be a boxer!! (Just kidding). No really, he is a great little boy and we will keep him. (His sisters aren’t so sure.) All in all, we are well and hope that your New Year will be great. Lots of Love.

The MacDonalds – Kevin, Lynn, Keely, Andie and Daniel

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