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Xmas Letter 1999


This is my second stab at writing my christmas letter. I wrote one version but kevin told me that it was way too offensive to send out. However, I have decided to send it out to a lucky few who are already immune to my ability to offend!

This is the third year i have written a letter, although some may say that last year does not count. We had a bad year in 1998 but I am happy to report that this year is much improved. Many of you don’t know but last year Daniel was diagnosed first with Autism, then with Pervasive Developmental Delay, and finally with ADD. After months of hard work and intervention, he is doing fine and is probably none of the above. He has Sensory Integration Disorder. It was a trying period, especially since in the middle of all that my dad was diagnosed with cancer, and died. That’s what I meant when I said the year went from bad …. to worse. However, this year no one has died!! (at least as of this letter) so things are looking up. Here’s the recap.

Daniel is a work in progress but is doing great. He is in kindergarten and is still working on our goal, to be allowed to enter first grade. He is the sweetest kid in the world!

Andie is in third grade. She spends all her free time working on cartoons, stories, and comic strips and is so bizarre that I’m sure we have a budding Gary Larson here. Her sense of humor is a little “off” and I can’t figure out where that came from. She loves to play baseball, plays the piano and swims year round.

Keely is in fourth grade and is having a great year too! She spends all her free time bossing around her brother and sister and thinking of sarcastic responses to whatever is asked of her. When I complained about this to my sister-in-law, she informed me that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I wonder What the hell that means? She also swims year round and plays the piano.

Kevin is overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. (At least that’s what he says. Just Kidding!!) Things have been nuts around here this year with all the changes at work but kevin is ok. He is still attempting to play basketball and occasionally has a good day. Fortunately, he plays with a bunch of stiffs that make him look good (HA, HA). He works out whenever he can and is working with the kids on their baseball, basketball, etc.

And last, but not least, ME. (Lynn — for those of you who don’t know). Depending on the day, I’m great. That’s what it’s like when you’re manic-depressive. Just Kidding!! I drive hundreds of miles every week and get nowhere. I’m available to be yelled at, shit upon, and various and sundry other things. I turned 40 this year and was informed that it was high time I grew up. (HA, As if!!).

Anyway, that’s the MacDonald family. Hope it wasn’t too, too boring. Oh, by the way. I spend tons of time online so email me at:

Merry christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy new Year!!

Lynn, Kevin, Keely, Andie and Daniel

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