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Xmas Letter 2002

Roses are red, violets are blue
I can’t write this letter and be funny too
I know I haven’t written one in over two years
But I’ve lost my funny, that’s what me fears!

However I’ll try and give you the news
Things are the same, not one busted arm but two!
We’ve recently moved, and the house is a mess
I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

So here comes the letter with news of the bunch
I’ll give it an effort with my best one-two punch.


First of all, sorry about last year but it seemed difficult to get it together right after 9/11. Usually I do my letter early before my mood crashes at Christmas so we missed last year completely. This year we built a new house so this is also a change of address letter.

Our new address is 2404 Brandt Trace Farm Road
Greensboro, NC 27455
336 288-0311

So lets begin:

Kevin … 2002 was a busy year for Kevin what with work, building a new house and trying to kid himself that he’s still young enough to play basketball. (That in itself is a full time job). However, somehow he squeezed it all in, managed to constantly give me to do lists (which I never do) and micromanage all the other odds and ends. Between all that, he barely had time to make it to all the swim meets, baseball, soccer, and basketball games.

Keely … Keely is now 13 and all that that entails. She has a mouth that constantly oozes sarcasm (I have no idea where that came from) and according to her, she is the only one in our family with brains. She still swims, plays piano and attends school. She continues to do very well in school, is on the student council, and will be taking her SAT’s later this month. She is an avid reader which can be quite an expensive habit. She has asked to drop out of school but we won’t let her. Apparently it is both boring and stupid. She spends a lot of time in her rooming figuring out ways to do a half ass job in all the tasks assigned to her. Other than all that, she is the perfect daughter, sister and friend.

Andie … Andie will be 12 this month and spends much of her time giggling. On the day that we were moving in, December 20, she managed to scooter around that moving van, wipe out, and break not one but both of her arms. Of course, being the expert on arms that I am, I quickly found a brace, some ice and told her to get over it. However, in one hour she was back and complaining so I relented and took her in for some x-rays, which even surprised me because I figured, just the left one was broken. Anyway, in another month or so she will be back to her normal activities, which include swimming, basketball, softball and various art projects. Andie is also a star student and on the student council at school.

Daniel … is 9 years old. He is majoring in Xbox. After he graduates from blood and mutilation, we are going to let him move on to more serious games. He also plays soccer, basketball and baseball, however, unlike all the other Christmas letters I receive, he’s really not a star. I can say that because he thinks he’s fantastic, doesn’t take advice because he knows everything. I guess this is how guys start out and where their hardheadedness (is that a word) comes from. Daniel is also doing well in school and continues to offer his math tutoring skills to anyone who will listen. He always seems to be much loved by his teachers.

We have two pets, Midnight, a huge fat cat, and Tucker, a dog who’s afraid of his own shadow. They have both survived the move.

And last, but not least, me Lynn. I was really busy this year on the house. It took a lot of time picking out lights, plumbing etc. but we finally got moved in the week before Christmas. We have a guest room and would love visitors. I spend a lot of time driving my kids around to there various and sundry activities but we did build an art studio and I hope to spend more time painting and sculpting. Sorry this letter wasn’t funny, however, I needed to get my change of address card out. Hope this year goes well for everyone and we’re hoping to have less than 3 or 4 broken limbs.

Take care,

Lynn, Kevin, Keely, Andie and Daniel MacDonald

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