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Xmas Letter 2003

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when I’m way behind, have done no Christmas or Chanukah shopping and I havent’ written a Christmas letter even though it’s almost Christmas already. I have had the flu for a week and I’ve been waiting to be in a good mood so I could write it but I guess that isn’t happening so here goes anyway …

As you may remember, we started 2003 with a new house and two broken arms. The arms healed and the house is still here. We are really enjoying being “out in the country” and Tucker (the dog) loves to chase all the deer and the wildlife. He’s still a chickenshit but he’s a fast chickenshit. We really enjoyed having a pool this summer and Keely spent a lot of time entertaining her friends out there.

Keely is now in 8th grade and is getting ready to enter high school. She’s still a swimmer and goes 6 times a week for 2 ½ hours each. As you can see, her life (and ours to some extent) revolves around chlorine. However, she is really enjoying it and has a good group of friends. She totally enjoyed being an “only child” this summer while Andie and Daniel were at camp and entertained a lot.

Andie is in 7th grade and is doing well also. She went to camp this past summer for 3 weeks and had a great time. She also plays field hockey, swims and will play softball as her spring sport. She still spends a lot of time doing “creative” art projects and playing with Daniel and Keely.

The big news was that Keely and Andie had a bat mitzvah this fall. They worked their butts off for 6 months learning to read and speak Hebrew. They did beautifully and then had a big party for 150 kids here at the house in September. It was quite an experience and everyone enjoyed it.

Daniel is now in 4th grade and we seem to be past the stage where every time the phone rang, we panicked that he was getting booted out of school. He played football this fall and loved it. Finally a good arena for a kid who enjoys knocking people down. He also plays basketball, soccer and baseball. None of them well but all of them with enthusiasm. He also went to camp for 3 weeks this past summer and loved it. He’s going back this summer.

Kevin has had a pretty good year. He got a new car and he promptly wrecked it. He also has a hurt shoulder and knee but he hasn’t admitted that either of these injuries affect him so he’s “playing through the pain”. Work takes a lot of time but business is great.

I have had a good year also except for shoulder surgery in October. I had to have my rotator cuff repaired and it turns out that if you are right handed and you can’t use your arm, you’re pretty darn useless. However, it is nice to be without pain after all this time. Rehab is slow going but I’m sure I’ll make it back to “the show” someday! Other than that, I look forward to my kids driving since that is all I do. Hopefully someday I’ll have a real life and something to talk about other than them!

I know this has been pretty boring but I’ve been sick and you’re lucky you’re getting any news at all. Take care,

Lynn, Kevin, Keely, Andie and Daniel

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