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Xmas Letter 2005

Why don’t you write a Christmas letter anymore? Why don’t you write a Christmas letter anymore? That’s all I ever hear at this time of year. Well the answer is, I’ve lost my funny. I’m simply not funny anymore – at least at this time of year. But as I metaphorically put pen to paper (in this time of computers) I will do my damnedest!!!!

So, where did I leave off about 4 years ago? I guess I’ll just begin at the beginning with KEELY MacDONALD. Keely is 16 now. It’s true! A person apparently doesn’t need to be able to walk without falling down and breaking something to obtain her driver’s license. But, she’s a good driver and so far, so good. Everything is a MAJOR DRAMA with Keely. She does well at school but the process has drained the brains of both her mother and father, who are STUPID and DON’T GET IT!! Swimming is still her passion, although she’s had a tough year as it seems to take longer to swim the same yardage in her races. Her social life is enough to cause major cerebral hemorrhages on a weekly basis. She has a great sense of humor and says so many stupid things that we all get a lot of laughs just listening to her. Hopefully, we will survive her 16th year and be able to comment next year.

ANDIE is about to take Drivers Ed. She is in 9th grade and does a little bit of everything. She plays field hockey year round, and swims and plays softball for her school. She is incredibly sarcastic and funny, unless her “wit” is directed at you, in which case she’s “mean”. She’s wanted me to make sure you realize that she’s the “shiz”. Uh, oh … now apparently I’m “un-cool”. Anyway, she’s incredibly creative and draws cartoons and other things all the time. She is getting ready to take over the world as she has prepared a power point called “Andie the Great”. She will unify the world and promote peace. So, watch out for Andie.

DANIEL is in 6th grade. He’s never learned anything in school as each day after school, I asked him what he learned and he replies “nothing”. He played football in the fall and is now doing basketball and lacrosse. He enjoys all these activities. While he excels at none of them, as long as he’s beating people up, he’s pretty happy. He loves chilling and watching sports on TV with his dad. He’s doing great in school and has even managed to skip ahead a year in math. We’re getting a pool table this Christmas and he’s really looking forward to that! I would tell you more, but he tells me nothing … so I know no more.

KEVIN hurt his knee this year and had to have surgery. During the process of rehab he managed to hurt both shoulders. Of course, this hasn’t kept him from the basketball court. Kevin is like the Black Night in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Even with out all his appendages, he’ll roll around the basketball court. Despite this, he keeps going and attempts to work out!! He’s busy at work and traveling to Texas a lot to fix up this company we bought. He spends much time with Daniel watching sports on TV and I wake up and go to sleep each night to the theme of sports center.

And ME, what can I say? I do nothing, literally, all day, every day. I spend my days working out, doing puzzles, sudoko and looking at teenager’s crap on AIM. My kids say I’m too nosy interfering with their life, but since I don’t have one of my own, who cares? I am undoubtedly the coolest mom on earth as acknowledged by all teenagers except for my own. I have been looking for friends my own age. Keely and Andie even came up with a Best Friend Application for me. Unfortunately, no one wanted the job. So, that’s it. Hope your life is good, and if not, better luck next year!! HAHA

Lynn, Kevin, Keely, Andie and Daniel MacDonald

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