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strange flora - drop of ink going through water

There are more than one million animal species on Earth

A mole can dig a tunnel 300 feet long in just one night

The northern fur seal, rather than using a layer of fat to keep it warm, depends on its thick fur with some 300,000 hairs per square inch

If all the blood vessels in your body were laid end to end, they would reach about 60,000 miles

Your tongue, eye, and jaw muscles are among the strongest muscles in your body

The farthest you can see with the naked eye is 2.4 million light years away! (140,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles.) That’s the distance to the giant Andromeda Galaxy. You can see it easily as a dim, large gray “cloud” almost directly overhead in a clear night sky

Geologists have discovered there seems to be more water miles deep between the rocks of Earths mantle than in all the oceans of the world. The intense pressure of the tons of rocks above keeps the hot water from turning to steam and escaping.

Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth, where a temperature of 126.9 degrees F below zero was once recorded.

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  1. ej Taylor
    November 25, 2013

    And the longest penis of any vertebrate is owned by the male Argentine Lake Duck. Look it up. It’s impressive. I know this thanks to my Uncle. He’s full of awesome facts like that!

    • Lynn
      November 25, 2013

      woah…thanks for letting me know

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