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You’re welcome …


So Kevin told me he hates these “You’re welcome … ” posts and that I was lazy.  Of course, I completely agree with him that I’m lazy.  After all, it’s not all that easy to write 5 posts/week so I was just curious if I should continue them or just be lazy and not post as much.  Opinions anyone??

The snapping shrimp, only 1 1/2 inches long, makes a noise with its one big claw, which sounds exactly like a firecracker.

 A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing.

Of the huge numbers of insects, only a tiny amount, one percent, are harmful to humans. Most insects are harmless or actually beneficial. For example, without bees to pollinate flowers, plants would not have a way of reproducing and we wouldn’t have anything to eat.

During a solar eclipse, the shadows of leaves make the same crescent shape of the eclipsing sun. The image is made by light passing through tiny holes in the leaves.

Did you know that the Empire State Building once got stuck by lightning 9 times in 20 minutes.

Ever notice on a map how the South American and African coasts, along the Atlantic, fit together like two pieces of a giant puzzle? That is because at one time, millions of years ago, they were one continent. Magma from deep in the Earth broke through thin places between these continents and pushed them apart. They are still slowly moving apart and the Atlantic Ocean is growing wider.

97% of the earth’s water is undrinkable.

It took 55 years before the telephone, invented in 1820, was put to use in society.

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  1. Terri
    February 28, 2014

    I actually like the Friday You’re Welcome posts. I didn’t think I did but I found I look forward to learning new random facts (even if I can’t ever remember them!).

  2. Debbie White
    February 28, 2014

    I enjoy the Friday posts. I always learn something new…more trivia to clog up my brain!

  3. Marci
    February 28, 2014

    I love them and put them in my kids’ school lunches. Yes, even though my kids are in high school. It all started when I had to buy something from my nephew’s fundraiser. I got these Fun Fact Lunchbox Cards because who needs another magazine I have to drag to the recycle bin? I would write some (possibly inappropriate) comment or opinion about the fact to make them laugh. I never said a word and for awhile neither did they. I figured they were rolling their eyes and thinking yet again, what a crazy mom they have and I try my best to annoy and embarrass them when I can. Instead, I eventually found out they *and their friends* love them and they read them aloud every day. LOL. When I ran out of cards, your site saved me. So please don’t stop! There are a couple dozen teens in Texas a wee bit more informed because of you.

    • Kelly
      February 28, 2014

      Strictly because of Marci’s comment the “Youre Welcome” posts must continue.

  4. Name *
    February 28, 2014

    The solution is obvious. Fridays should be “Kevin Day.” It could be sponsored by Kiehl’s.

  5. Julie
    March 1, 2014

    I say what I always say. “It’s your blog. Do whatever the F%$k you want.” I do, however, enjoy the random trivia. On a side note- I have escaped the brutality of Chicago in March and retreated to Florida to help out my folks as mom fell and broke her wrist. A whole week of no down coat, scarf and gloves!!!

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